Zero point magnetic power by Magniwork. Never

by:JPSK     2020-04-30
What we did was, go to the hardware store to see if we could, in fact buy all of the needed supplies to do just that and what we found out was this. Yes, most of the parts are easy to get, the hardest thing to find was the magnets. These are a specific type of magnet and you may have to search around because not all hardware stores carry them. The copper wire, because of the grade, gave us a little bit of trouble too. One hardware store told me it would be a week before I could get my order, but I did find some at another, more popular store. This is way cheaper than solar power grids and much more easy. One thing I need to mention about the Magniwork generator plans. If you are planing on using it to power your entire home, you will need a bigger generator. The average cost for the supplies that we purchased was about $100, give and take a few dollars, but for a bigger model, you will spend more, around 2 to 3 hundred dollars, but well worth it if you consider your savings. The other point I need to mention is that Magniwork gives out lots of information about how to better insulating your home to save money also. Space is not an issue with these generators at all, very little is needed. A novice can build one, not real hard at all and like I said, depending on the size, you can get rid of 50 to 100 percent of your electric bill claims the manual. We have just started to build our generator and will have to let you know how it works. So far, this is simple to put together and will take a little time. It is worth looking into plus you get your money back if not satisfied, I like those type of deals.
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