What to check before using the CNC bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-08
At present, in the field of mechanical processing, because the CNC bus processing machine has many advantages compared with the traditional bus processing machine, it is used more and more widely, but the equipment is a kind of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, microelectronics, etc. For equipment with multiple technologies, it is difficult to troubleshoot and repair after a fault occurs. This requires the operator to pay attention to prevention when using the CNC bus processing machine, thereby reducing the probability of failure and increasing the utilization rate of the bus processing machine. What aspects should be checked before using the CNC bus processing machine.  1. Before use, in accordance with the technical requirements of the CNC bus processing machine for the installation and use environment, the bus processing machine should be placed in a relatively dust-free, constant temperature, and constant humidity place. Although it is difficult to do so, try to be as close as possible to such a use environment. In addition, after the installation of the bus processing machine, in normal use, the following should also be paid attention to: Before the bus processing machine is used, check the bus processing machine, which can reduce the failure and influence of the bus processing machine during use. produce.   Before turning on the power, check the appearance of the CNC bus processing machine, electrical pipelines and some external auxiliary equipment for abnormalities. Especially the external auxiliary equipment: if there is a hydraulic system pump station, it is necessary to observe whether the amount of hydraulic oil is sufficient; if there is a pneumatic system, it is necessary to perform regular drainage of air compressors and gas storage pressure vessels to prevent accumulation Excessive moisture, driven by the airflow, enters the inside of the busbar processing machine, causing rust and even damage to the parts.   Power on, in accordance with the normal power on sequence: bus processing machine total power-CNC system power-servo system power-release the emergency stop button to reduce the impact on the electrical components of the CNC system and prolong the service life.  After power on, lubrication is an indispensable and important condition for any moving parts to maintain a normal trajectory, reduce movement friction, and increase service life. This is to ask us to pay attention to check whether the amount of lubricating oil in the lubricating device is sufficient, replenish it in time when it is insufficient, and regularly check whether the liquid filter is blocked, check whether the oil path is unobstructed, and whether there is normal lubricating oil outflow at each oil outlet. . Once such problems are discovered, deal with them in time. If the moving parts such as the guide rail and screw of the busbar processing machine are operated without lubricating oil, on the one hand, it will increase the friction resistance, increase the power consumption of the busbar processing machine, waste electric energy, and accelerate the wear of the moving parts on the other hand. , Affect the precision of the bus processing machine and the quality of workpiece processing.  The above are the aspects to be checked before using the CNC bus processing machine. We should pay attention to it in the whole process, so as to give full play to the efficiency of the bus processing machine, improve the processing quality, and produce the expected benefits.
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