What are the troubleshooting methods of the solenoid valve of the CNC bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-06
The power of the CNC bus processing machine comes from the hydraulic system. The solenoid valve plays an important role in the hydraulic system, and it is also a high-prone area of u200bu200bfaults in the hydraulic system. The following will introduce the common troubleshooting methods of the solenoid valve of the CNC bus processing machine:   一, Coil short-circuit or open circuit:    Detection method: first use a multimeter to measure its on-off, the resistance value approaches zero or infinity, that means the coil is short-circuited or open. If the measured resistance is normal (about tens of ohms), it still does not mean that the coil must be good. Please perform the following test: find a small screwdriver and place it near the metal rod that is inserted in the solenoid valve coil, and then give the solenoid valve If it is energized, if magnetism is felt, then the solenoid valve coil is good, otherwise it is bad.   Treatment method: Replace the solenoid valve coil. 2. There is a problem with the plug/socket:    Failure phenomenon:    If the solenoid valve is the kind with a plug/socket, there may be problems with the metal reed of the socket and the wiring problem on the plug (for example, the power cord is connected to the grounding wire) The power cannot be sent to the coil due to other reasons. Develop a habit: screw on the fixing screw after the plug is inserted into the socket, and screw the fixing nut on the coil behind the valve core rod.   If the solenoid valve coil plug is equipped with a light-emitting diode power indicator, then it must be connected when the solenoid valve is driven by a DC power supply, otherwise the indicator will not light up. In addition, do not exchange the power plugs with LED power indications of different voltage levels. This will cause the LEDs to be burned/the power supply (replace the plug with a low voltage level) to short-circuit or the light-emitting diodes to emit weakly (replacement) High-voltage plug). If there is no power indicator, there is no need to distinguish the polarity of the solenoid valve coil (unlike the transistor time relay whose coil voltage is DC and the intermediate relay whose coil voltage is DC with a diode/resistor leakage loop connected in parallel, the polarity needs to be distinguished. ).   Treatment method: correct wiring errors, repair or replace plugs and sockets. 3. Spool problem:   Fault phenomenon 1: When the pressure of the medium through the solenoid valve is normal, press the red manual button of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve has no response (the pressure medium does not change on and off), indicating that the valve The core must be bad. Treatment method: check whether there is a problem with the medium, such as whether there is a lot of water in the compressed air (sometimes the oil-water separator does not play a big role, especially when the pipeline design is poor, the compressed air to the solenoid valve will have a lot of accumulation. Water), whether there are many impurities in the liquid medium. Then remove the water or impurities in the solenoid valve and pipeline. If it doesn't work anymore, please repair or replace the spool, or simply replace the entire solenoid valve.  Fault phenomenon 2: After inspection, the coil is the original coil and the magnetism of the coil is normal when the coil is energized, but the solenoid valve still does not operate (the function of the solenoid valve manual button may be normal at this time), indicating that the spool is broken.   Treatment method: Please repair or replace the valve core, or simply replace the entire solenoid valve.   As for the maintenance of the solenoid valve body, there are too many types and the maintenance is cumbersome. The manufacturer recommends that valve body problems should be replaced in time to avoid danger.
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