Two channel radio emote controls are such type

by:JPSK     2020-08-18

During these days, wireless remote control is widely used in industrial sector. Actually these types of remote control has continually evolved and advanced over recent years to include Bluetooth connectivity, motion sensor enabled capabilities.

At the same time there are some applications include such as PTO, THRPTTLE, HOSE REEL, QUERY and EMERGENCY STOP or any other chassis or tank operation. These systems are available to connect with all types of truck engine and chassis controls and quick attach wire harness can be ordered as an industrial unit.

Basically this safe remote control for bulk fuel delivery trucks allows complete hose end control. These remotely open internal valves, engage cargo pumps, adjust engine RPM and unwind/rewind hose reel. At the same time emergency stop feature closes all valves and stops pump and engine instantly.

These units are shipped complete and pre tested with quick connect wiring and airline fittings, and complete installation guide and schematics. Not only that these industrial radio remote control systems are available for all truck and work with existing manual, pneumatic, or electrical controls. The components are military grade and housed in weatherproof enclosures for years of trouble free service.

There are some options in many new truck chassis allowing plug and play tank up fitter installations. These fields are programmable for latched, momentary, or safety latched operation.

The external receivers learn button allows easy transmitter replacement. Elective pre wired solenoids are obtainable for pneumatic, hydraulic or electric organize interface as required. Modular mechanism consent to for easy fitting and field replacement. These systems can be specified for fisher or rego interval valves, Hannay or Reelcraft hose reels, Muncie or Chelsea PTO's and any type of truck engine.

This wireless radio remote control system complies with DOT HM225A requirements for off truck remote controls and this is available with query option for 5 minute auto after 30 second alarm for LPG tank trucks larger than 3500USG.

These are also available with PTO Delay feature which automatically open tank internal valve for 5 seconds prior to engaging PTO allowing pump and product lines to charge previewing interval valve slug.

The system has some handheld transmitter specifications these are:

The frequency of operation is 433.92MHz (869, 902-928 and 2.4GHz FHSS available).

These devices have 56 bit DES encryption key function. This is constructed with rugged weatherproof aluminum enclosure.

The system has an external mounted helical antenna.

Actually the normal range of the system is up to 1000 feet and higher power is also available.

The temperature specification is minus 20 F to 185 F.

The battery life is 300 hours of continuous use w/flashing low battery LED indicator. Actually the battery type is common 'AA' included with rechargeable transmitter available ASKR.

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