Troubleshooting of the hardware and software of the bus machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-27
It is inevitable that there will be some minor problems in the use of the bus machine. When some problems cannot be solved, we will use a method to solve it. This is also the original method of checking the bus clamp failure, that is, the hardware and software failure of the bus machine. Methods of troubleshooting.   1. Measured by the motion quality characteristics of the bus machine, it is a fault that the motion characteristics of the machine tool decreases. In this case, although the machine tool can work normally, it cannot process qualified workpieces.   For example, the positioning accuracy of the bus machine tool is out of tolerance, the reverse dead zone is too large, and the coordinate operation is not stable. This type of fault must be diagnosed by detecting the mechanical and electrical links where the error occurred, and then eliminated by optimizing the mechanical transmission system, numerical control system and servo system.   2. Whether the busbar machine is destructive when the fault is presented is divided into destructive faults and non-destructive faults. For destructive failures, damage to workpieces and even machine tool failures, it is not allowed to repeat them during repair. At this time, they can only be cleaned up by checking and analyzing the phenomenon at the time of the failure. The skills are more difficult and necessarily dangerous.   If it can damage the workpiece, you can remove the workpiece and try to reproduce the failure process, but you should be very careful.   3. Whether there is an indication when the bus machine is presented as a fault, it is divided into a fault with a confirmed indication and a fault without a confirmed indication. Today's CNC systems are designed with a complete self-diagnosis program, which monitors the software and hardware functions of the entire system in real time. Once a fault is found, it will immediately alarm or display a brief text description on the screen. The diagnosis manual equipped with the contact system is not only Be able to find the cause and location of the failure, and there are tips for cleaning up.  The machine tool manufacturer will also have relevant fault indications and diagnosis instructions for the detailed machine tool design. The above-mentioned two parts of faults with confirmed indications and various indicators on the electrical devices make the removal of most electrical faults relatively simple.   Part of the failure without diagnosis indication is caused by the incompleteness of the above two diagnosis procedures (such as the switch is not closed, the connection is loose, etc.). Such failures must rely on the operation process and failure phenomena and results before the failure, and rely on the repair personnel's understanding of the machine tool and the level of skill to analyze and remove them.  Four. The probability of the bus machine with failures is divided into systematic failures and random failures. Systematic failures refer to definite failures that will occur only if certain conditions are satisfied; while random failures refer to failures that occur accidentally under the same conditions, and the analysis of such failures is more difficult.   Generally, it is mostly related to the looseness and misalignment of the mechanical structure of the machine tool, the drift or the decrease of reliability of some electrical parts, and the internal temperature of the electrical device is too high. The analysis of such failures can only be eliminated after repeated experiments and induction.   5. The bus machine is divided into hardware failure and software failure according to the location where the failure occurs. Hardware failure refers to the abnormal state or even damage of machinery, hydraulic pressure, electrical appliances, etc. This is a failure that can be eliminated only after repair or replacement.   And software faults generally refer to faults that occur in the PLC logic control program, which require input or correction of certain data or even the correction of the PLC program to clear the fault. Part processing program failures are also attributed to software failures.   Severe software failure is the incompleteness or even loss of the CNC system software, which can only be dealt with by contacting the manufacturer or its service organization.   When we are troubleshooting the hardware and software of the bus machine, we can also easily check out other problems of the bus machine, which is more conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the bus machine.
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