Tips for replacing the punches of busbar machines

by:JPSK     2021-05-29
The busbar machine has five processing units: shearing, punching, large bending, and small bending. The main function is to process copper and aluminum busbars of different specifications. However, the punches of the busbar machine may wear out after a certain period of use, and the punches need to be replaced at this time. So how to replace the punch of the bus machine? Here to tell you about. 1. First turn on the power switch of the bus machine, step on the foot switch, the oil pump of the unit starts, and then step on the foot switch of the punching unit, the punching will advance, and the foot switch will be released during the forwarding process, and the punch will stop running. Step on the foot switch, the punch will continue to move forward, and when approaching the limit switch, the punch will automatically return to the top dead center. When you need the punch to return, press the corresponding manual back button of the CNC bus machine, the punch will go back, release the back button, the punch will stop backing.  2. Lubricate each movement part once in the afternoon before cutting. Use the observation holes of the upper and lower knife blocks to observe the actual cutting position. Use the scale slider to block the material, and place the bus bar on the workbench. Determine the cutting size, and then use the pressing hand wheel to press the bus bar to prevent the material from lifting and damaging the mold.  3. The punch of the busbar machine must be replaced with matching molds. In addition, remember not to mix up and down molds with different inner diameters when punching. When processing long-term holes, the direction of the upper and lower molds must be the same, otherwise the mold will be damaged.
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