Things to pay attention to when wiring the bus machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-29
Today we briefly understand what should be paid attention to when wiring the lower bus machine, please see the following. First of all, we all know that the double bus wiring method of the bus processing machine has the advantages of reliable power supply, convenient maintenance, flexible scheduling or easy expansion. However, this type of wiring uses many equipment, complex power distribution devices, and poor economy; the isolation switch is in operation As operating electrical appliances, it is prone to misoperation and inconvenient to achieve automation; in addition, we should also know that, especially when the busbar system fails, more power sources and lines must be cut off in a short time, which is particularly important for large power plants and substations. It is not allowed. Therefore, we should pay attention to it when wiring. The single bus wiring of the bus machine has the advantages of simplicity and clarity, less equipment, small investment, convenient operation and expansion, etc., but the reliability and flexibility are poor. When the busbar or busbar isolation switch fails or is overhauled, all the power supply of the busbar must be disconnected.
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