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Diesel pumps are often used in waste water applications such as drainage projects and sewage bypasses. There are of course other uses - industrial work, food alleviation and civil engineering. Silent diesel pumps perform the same duties as their standard counterparts but do so without creating as much noise. This is perfect for residential areas and areas in which members of the public may be sensitive to high levels of noise.

High head dieselss are often used in quarries where high heads are required. A greater distance can be pumped in situations where a series of pumps cannot be used, and higher pressures can be achieved for industrial processes. Electric pumps are often used when engine driven systems are not suitable for the job. They can also be more cost effective, and are ordinarily more compact. Used for water applications, submersible clean water drainage pumps can be used for construction dewatering, tunneling and industrial process applications.

Pumps that are ideal for sludge and sewerage type applications. These are often cast iron pumps. This type of unit is often supplied with a float switch so that it can be operated automatically. Hydraulic systems are, naturally, powered by hydraulics and there are several different types that are available. They are often used for sewerage or drainage applications where the depth of liquid would be too great for standard suction systems.

The silent versions are used in situations where a standard hydraulic system would generate an unacceptable amount of noise. Pneumatic systems include Blaydon Air Driven Pumps which are relatively small, portable devices that can be used in civil engineering, water industry applications and, for example, shipbuilding. They are suitable for bulk diesel or oil transfer.Some submersible pumps are extremely well suited to well pointing or sub ground dewatering, as it is also known. These WellPoint systems are normally effective in a wide range of soils, salts and gravels. It is about finding the best one for your purposes.

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