There are different types of covers, which protect

by:JPSK     2020-08-20

Any form of construction project often involves the use of heavy equipment and tools that can pose a danger to the health of your employee; and indemnity can shelter you and your company from having to pay for such injuries if they occur. This policy covers you against troubles such as equipment breakdown, business interruption, wear and tear of stock, engineering shipment, dismantling or accidental damage to electronic equipment, mobile plant and construction work. Keep in mind that all the engineering material damage policies are policies of indemnity. Also, these policies are known to provide 'all risk' type covers.

This means that more or less any unexpected and unforeseen physical loss or damage occurring during the period of insurance to the property insured is payable by insurers. And, if you are wondering who needs this policy, then, all developers, owners, employers, purchasers, main contractors, sub-contractors, supplier-installers who are involved in the construction or assembly of all types of civil, electrical, mechanical engineering projects, or the ones who are involved in overseeing and in progress operation of these types of industrial developments/projects; or the companies operating in the fields of civil, electronic, mechanical or structural engineering should have this cover.

It is important for you to know that the main focus on engineering insurance is to afford cover for incidents such as the breakdown of machinery or the plant itself, which can be a happening found in manufacturing plants and factories such as sheet metal work, steel fabrication, manufacturers and many others. Also, the policy cover can be altered and modified according to your needs. It can be designed to cater any individual requirements your business has and the budget you can allocate for such cover.

The fact is that you should be covered for accidental, sudden & unforeseen loss or damage to the completed & handed over works/projects. After all, unfortunately accidents can happen & there can be sudden & unforeseen loss, which might have a drastic impact on your life. Thus, its important to have an engineering insurance as it can help you be protected, well covered and sheltered.

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