The working principle of CNC bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-05
There are more and more applications of CNC bus processing machines, and people's understanding of it is becoming more and more comprehensive. In fact, each machine has its own unique side and special working principle problems, and the same is true for CNC bus processing machines.  1. The CNC busbar processing machine is suitable for processing high-efficiency and high-precision workpieces. Some parts require little, but they are key components that require high precision and short construction period.  Using traditional technology requires multiple machine tools to coordinate work, which has a long cycle and low efficiency. In the long process flow, it is easy to produce waste products due to human influence, resulting in significant economic losses.  The machining center is used for processing, and the production is completely controlled by the program, which avoids the long process flow, reduces the hardware investment and human interference, and has the advantages of high production efficiency and stable quality. 2. The CNC busbar processing machine is suitable for processing periodic and compound production parts. The market demand for some products is periodic and seasonal. If a special production line is used, it will not be worth the loss. The processing efficiency with ordinary equipment is too low, the quality is unstable, and the quantity is difficult Guarantee.   After the trial cutting of the first piece of the machining center is completed, the program and related production information can be retained, and the next time the product is reproduced, the production can be started with a very short preparation time.   Third, the CNC bus processing machine is suitable for workpieces with appropriate batches.    The flexibility of the CNC bus processing machine processing center is not only reflected in the rapid response to special requirements, but also can quickly achieve mass production, and have and improve market competitiveness.  The machining center is suitable for small and medium batch production, especially small batch production. When using the machining center, try to make the batch larger than the economic batch to achieve a good economic effect.  With the continuous development of machining centers and auxiliary tools, economic batches are getting smaller and smaller. For some complex parts, 5-10 pieces can be produced, and machining centers can even be considered for single-piece production.  Four. Suitable for machining parts with complex shapes.    The application of four-axis linkage and five-axis linkage machining center and the mature development of CAD/CAM technology have greatly increased the complexity of processed parts.   The use of DNC makes the processing content of the same program sufficient to meet various processing requirements, making the automatic processing of complex parts very easy.   What we are talking about today is the working principle of CNC bus processing machine, which is a content that needs to be understood before using the machine.
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