The word 'artisan' is derived from the Italian

by:JPSK     2020-05-05
Such type of jewellery is available from internet to local markets and jewellery stores. The personal touch lended by the artisans to these ornaments cannot be replicated by even the most sophisticated of machines. It can either be simple or exquisite. It depends on the artisan and his creativity. The labour, heart, passion, and personal style put into each and every piece of jewellery by the artisans make this kind of jewellery desirable. The existence of this kind of jewellery can be traced as far back as 7000 BC. The first of hand crafted ornaments were of gold and copper often sculpted to depict human and animal forms. In the present times, white gold and platinum are hot favourites for hand- made jewellery; silver is still mostly being crafted by machines. It is crafted by using semi-precious stones like Peridot, mother of pearl, garnet, fresh water pearls etc. The most important benefit of this kind of jewellery is that it is customized. You can have it made according to your choice of length, size and the stone you want. The takeover of the jewellery industry by the machine made ornaments, had led to the fall in the charm of the artisan crafted jewellery in the past few years. But the craze of this type of jewellery is again speeding up. People are now getting very much attracted by the jewellery that artisans craft with their hands. This kind of jewellery is not only unique and innovative but also durable and strong and ideal for all occasions. An ornament made by hands, definitely has to be more alluring instead of the ones coming out of a machine. Hand crafted items and hand chosen materials make this kind of jewellery desirable. They are one of a kind and will be one of your prized possessions.
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