The use and maintenance of the hydraulic pump station of the bus machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-27
The hydraulic station is an important part of the bus machine, which is composed of energy devices, actuators, control and regulation devices, auxiliary devices, working media, etc. Today I will introduce the use and maintenance of the hydraulic pump station of the bus machine.   1, bus machine The oil pump uses 46# mechanical oil.    2. When the pump station is started, the unloading valve must be opened to prevent the motor from overloading.   3. Each valve has been debugged to the rated pressure before leaving the factory. Under normal circumstances, the valve should not be adjusted casually. When used under the condition of lower than the rated pressure, the working pressure of the high-pressure safety valve can be lowered. When the pressure of the high-pressure safety valve is adjusted, the protective cap can be removed, and the screw can be turned counterclockwise with a screwdriver to reduce the pressure. Otherwise, the pressure will grow higher, but The pressure must not be adjusted higher than the rated pressure of the pump.   4, the double-acting pump of the bus machine, the outlet of the supporting cylinder A is working high pressure, the outlet of B is return low pressure, and the reverse connection is not allowed.   5, the normal working temperature of the pump- 20℃-55℃, if the temperature is too high, you should cool down or stop the pump. If the oil temperature is too low, the pump should not be allowed to work directly. Heating measures should be taken. Indirect heating is required. Do not use fire to heat directly.    6. High-pressure hoses should be checked at any time. In order to prevent accidents, a hose pressure test should be carried out generally half a year, and the test pressure should be greater than 87Kgf/㎡. The high-pressure hose should be avoided during use and bends and sharp bends. The operator is unreliable and the hose is too close to prevent accidents.   7. The pump should be overhauled once a year, and the parts should be cleaned with light diesel or kerosene and pay attention to protecting the mating surface.    8. When wiring the electric pump station, be sure to connect the ground wire to prevent electric shock accidents.    9. More than three-quarters of the oil storage should be filtered with a 120-160 mesh oil filter when refueling. Generally, the bus machine should be cleaned once every two months and replaced with new oil.
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