The service life of this crushing machine bounds

by:JPSK     2020-05-04
The movable cone and fixed cone moves through the continuous implementation of the different materials left near the broken role in the using process before, to be reasonably accurate for equipment installation, installation of equipment, the equipment rack is to keep the various components inside the device key to stability, and therefore the installation of equipment in strict accordance with the standards, not the installation and commissioning deviations cause the device to normal operation and severe damage to equipment failure, affecting the smooth and its production capacity. When installing the rack of cone crusher, the rack should be maintained the vertical and horizontal nature, if necessary, use the horizontal gauge on the ring base. Use vertical netsuke to check the vertical and horizontal centerline. The base can be adjusted the level by using wedge adjustment, after adjustment to re-tighten the anchor bolts and the solid grouting. After second grouting and the cement layer to be hardened, take out the wedge block under the base of the cone crusher, and fill the gap of the adjustment wedge with cement, re-check and measure the vertical and horizontal performance, avoiding to produce single exposure of the copper sleeve on the base of cone crusher, the eccentric produce wear and tear, and affect the stability of the device seal. When cone crusher installation of rack, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment installation, this can make the final production to maximize efficiency. If you use it for the first time, the following points should be remembered. 1. It has been debugged before leaving factory, but after you set it up, just practice it and check whether the equipment failure exits or not. 2. It is forbidden to start it with load; all the stones in crushing chamber should be cleaned. Check the discharging port size; is it the right size you want to have? If not, just adjust it. 3. Cable and any additional wires should be under the normal conditions. 4. It will not start when the oil temperature is under 20. Any kinds of confusions about the dryer machine and ore beneficiation equipment will be handled by Hongxing Machinery experts, or you can scan more on our website. dryer machine: ore beneficiation:
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