The problem of switch trip of busbar processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-02
When we use the bus processing machine, the simplest thing is that we need to connect the power supply, and then the bus processing machine can work normally, but when we connect the power supply, we may encounter the problem of the bus processing machine switch tripping.  What is the bus processing machine switch tripping?   Bus processing machine trip phenomenon:   1, 400V security section bus voltmeter to zero.  2, 400V security section bus low voltage drop, '400V security section incoming switch trip' and other sound and light alarms.   3. The UPS device may switch to DC power supply, and the silicon rectifier device may trip.  4. The bus processing machine may start automatically.  Bus-bar processing machine trip processing:   1. If the bus-bar processing machine does not start automatically, the bus-bar processing machine should be started manually, and the switch of the bus-bar processing machine should be turned on automatically when normal. 2. After the bus processing machine starts normally, the incoming switch of the bus processing machine should be turned on automatically. At this time, the operation mode of the DC system, uninterrupted power supply system, emergency lighting and security power supply motor control center should be adjusted immediately to ensure the reliable power supply. Sex.  3. If the 400V security power supply inlet switch is not tripped, confirm that the 400V factory-use section bus is de-energized, and immediately manually open the security power inlet switch. At this time, the bus processing machine should start automatically.   The above methods can solve the problem of busbar processing machine switch tripping. Some of the technical problems may not be understood by everyone, but it doesn’t matter. If you have any questions that you don’t understand or can’t solve, you can call for consultation.
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