The oil temperature fault of the bus machine and its treatment

by:JPSK     2021-05-27
Busbar machines are no longer unfamiliar to people as commonly used machines in industrial production. However, as long as the machine fails, what should be done if the oil temperature failure of the bus machine occurs? Next, let's talk about the oil temperature fault of the bus machine and its treatment. There is an oil temperature gauge in the bus machine, which indicates the top oil temperature of the transformer. When the transformer is running at an external temperature of 40℃, its temperature rise shall not exceed 55℃. During operation, the temperature of the top oil shall prevail. The temperature rise is a reference data. The temperature rise standards of transformers in my country are based on the ambient temperature of 40°C, so the top oil temperature of the transformer should generally not exceed 40°C+55°Cu003d95°C. If the top oil temperature exceeds 95°C, the temperature of the internal coil will exceed the heat resistance of the coil insulation. In order to prevent the insulation from aging too quickly, it is stipulated that the monitoring of the top oil temperature of the transformer should be controlled below 85°C. Abnormal operation or malfunction of the cooler, such as the shutdown of the submersible pump, the damage of the fan, the fouling of the heat dissipation pipe, the poor cooling efficiency, and the failure of the radiator valve to open the temperature abnormality. The cooling system should be maintained and flushed in time or a spare cooler should be used, otherwise the load of the transformer must be adjusted. If the temperature indicator has errors or indication failure, the thermometer should be replaced.
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