The method of reducing the error of the bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-30
When the bus bar processing machine completes the punching, cutting and bending operations, errors are unavoidable. In order to further process the accuracy, the error should be minimized as much as possible. The following Shandong bus processing machine introduces the method of reducing the error of the bus processing machine. 1. The influence of tool error. On the machining center, because the tools used have the function of automatic exchange, while improving productivity, it also brings tool exchange errors. When using the same tool to process a batch of workpieces, due to frequent tool changes, the tool holder has repeated positioning errors relative to the spindle taper hole, which reduces the machining accuracy. 2. The influence of machine tool repeat positioning accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the bus processing machine is the position accuracy of the movement of each coordinate axis of the index-controlled machine tool under the control of the system. The factors that cause the positioning error include the error of the system and the error of the mechanical transmission. The error of the system is related to interpolation error and tracking error. The repeated positioning accuracy of the busbar processing machine refers to the degree of conformity between the actual position of the coordinate axis and the ideal position during repeated positioning. 3. The influence of detection device. The detection feedback device is also called the feedback element. It is usually installed on the workbench or the lead screw of the busbar processing machine. The detection feedback device converts the displacement of the workbench into an electrical signal and feeds it back to the numerical control device. If there is an error compared with the command value, then Control the workbench to move in the direction of eliminating errors. Numerical control systems can be divided into open loop, closed loop and semi-closed loop systems according to the presence or absence of detection devices. The accuracy of the open-loop system depends on the accuracy of the stepping motor and the lead screw, and the accuracy of the closed-loop system depends on the accuracy of the detection device. The detection device is an important part of the high-performance bus processing machine. Regarding the error of the bus processing machine, we can reduce the error as much as possible through the above-mentioned method.
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