The log loader is a mechanical and electronically

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Knuckle Boom Loaderis a machine that has a hydraulic boom that resembles the knuckles of human arm or hand. The tip has an attached grapple used to clutch timber and hoist them to the transportation truck or place them directly at a temporary storage site. Furthermore, the knuckleboom can rotate 180 to 360 degrees as needed.

Self-propelled Log Loaderis a mobile version that has wheels to easily move while grasping timbers and has rotating grapples at the end of the boom for clutching. This vehicle can pivot in a full circle and has self-propelled rubber-tire and hydraulic outriggers for stability. Following are different types of self-propelled loaders:The Crane version is a custom-made crane designed and modified for higher productivity. It has a machinery deck that can rotate 360 degrees. This type of vehicle uses two different kinds of booms: gooseneck booms and hinge-typed heel booms.The Forklift version is a self-propelled model that has outfitted forks. The forks can be raised or lowered to the ground. The mechanism involves the sliding of the forks underneath the log near its center of gravity and backs away from the pile of logs and transfers the logs to a truck or trailer for further transportation.The Mobile heel boom version is a self-propelled model that has a single set of tongs or a grapple arm. It offers greater control when lifting as log as it has the ability of grasp the log in two different places. This is different from the crane version that uses cables to assist in lifting as this model uses hydraulics to bring the log closer.

The current demand now is for a log loader machine that is productive, comfortable and profitable. As a result, new and innovative features are being added to address these concerns. The technological advancements have optimized the usability of the machine while catering to various customer needs in the logging industry.


Full rotational grapples- The hydraulic grapples are able to rotate up to 360-degrees. The rotator has a greater degree of precision to meet the job requirements of the logger. The grapple is made of specialized high-tensile steel and heavy-duty bearings to produce an outstanding performance in the logging industry.

Long reach- The advanced boom-design technology increases the length of hydraulic boom dimension to reach considerable distances. Hydraulic booms can reach as far as 32 feet and can straighten in a full extension.

Durability and endurance- These vehicles are created with exceptional boom strength. They have increased loading capability and can perform tasks without breaking or damaging the boom. The boom will hold up even if it is hyper-extended to its full length without tearing. The machine responds positively to crushing and shearing force.

Lightweight- Most of these vehicles are made with fine-grained, high-tensile steel that creates a substantially lighter-weight yet sturdy product.

Versatility- This system can be folded into a compact size behind the truck or trailer to increase the payload and can be configured to work in many applications. The end tip of the boom can be modified for many job-specific applications.

Transportability- Today, the log loading models are designed for easy mobility as the loader is already mounted to a rubber-tired truck or trailer with outriggers for stability to prevent the truck from tipping over when hauling and hoisting timbers. The machine can move with ease from one direction to another while lifting and hauling timbers.


1. Superior productivity due to faster performance of necessary tasks.2. Increase capacity to load and unload timbers from temporary storage site to trucks or trailers.3. Broader capabilities compared to more obsolete versions.4. Larger lifting capacity as well as a loading capacity of up to 26,000 lbs in full extension.5. Promotes pleasant and efficient work by being engineered to increase productivity and comfort at the working site.6. Promotes safety with the use of hydraulic stabilizers to support the log loader in the best possible way. The latest feature of these vehicles are hydraulic stabilizers that ensure the safety of the operators.

The log loader truck has come a long way from the hand-rolling method that was used to move and load logs. The utilization of knuckleboom versions makes this job much more efficient and certainly less physically demanding on the logging industry. The versatility of this vehicle certainly speaks to an age that demands an improved monetary bottom line. The right log loader for your business can allow you to perform your job efficiently and literally grasp onto new business!

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