The failure of the mechanical part of the CNC bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-06
The failures of the CNC bus processing machine and the mechanical part of the conventional bus machine can be treated according to the mechanical failure handling regulations of the conventional bus machine. However, because the CNC bus processing machine tools mostly use electrical control, which simplifies the mechanical structure, the mechanical failure rate is significantly reduced.   Because most of the transmission chains of CNC bus processing machines use rolling friction pairs, most of the failures in this area are caused by the decline in sports quality. For example, the backlash increases, the positioning accuracy fails to meet the requirements, the phenomenon of mechanical crawling, and the bearing noise becomes larger (especially after a mechanical hard collision). This part of the maintenance is often closely related to the adjustment of the preload of the kinematic pair, the loose ring and the compensation link.   This part of the fault is mostly related to the automatic tensioning device of the tool holder, the automatic shifting device and the decrease of the accuracy of the spindle movement. Because the CNC bus processing machine has eliminated the mechanical gearbox device after adopting electrical automatic speed regulation, sometimes although there is a gearbox, it is also very simple, and the structure is simplified to greatly reduce the failure. The CNC busbar processing machine is equipped with many limit motion limit switches. After a period of use, the motion characteristics of the moving parts will change, and the mechanical reliability of the press-fit limit switch and the quality and characteristics of the limit switch will affect the overall performance of the machine. movement. This requires good inspection, replacement or adjustment.
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