The cutting unit of the CNC bus processing machine adopts universal double-knife cutting

by:JPSK     2021-06-07
In the bus duct system, it usually consists of the following units: CNC bus processing machine feeder bus or plug-in bus linear unit; according to the number of conductors, three-phase four-wire system and three-phase five-wire system add extra PE rows, some are manufactured The company provides an aluminum alloy shell for the integral grounding PE form.   input/output line unit, interface with transformers, power distribution cabinets, etc.; the reversing unit has an L-shaped unit, a T-shaped unit and a Z-shaped unit; the expansion unit has an expansion joint bus unit; the plug-in has a plug-in box unit. All units are usually designed by the bus duct manufacturer, and the CNC bus processing machine can be measured on-site according to engineering needs, and then non-standard designs are used to meet the needs of users and installations. The busway system is usually used for the connection between the transformer and the power distribution cabinet, and the power supply system for the wiring from the power distribution center (distribution board, cabinet) to the load line.  The system current of the CNC bus processing machine is generally 250~5000A, the rated voltage is 400~1000V, and the protection level is IP40~IP65. Please read the manual carefully before use, turn on the power, and confirm the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. Add anti-wear hydraulic oil (0 degrees and 32 degrees below 46 degrees) to continuously jog the button to make each unit run for a week to determine the formation of the switch. Transportation and damage According to the size of the copper bar used, select the appropriate pressure and put it into the mold to test one by one.  The cutting unit of the CNC busbar processing machine adopts universal double-knife cutting, the trimming is flat, and the burr-free punching unit adopts a six-module integral turntable to ensure the absolute centering of the upper and lower molds and extend the service life of the upper and lower molds. mold. There is no need to change the mold, and it is more convenient and quick to use. The production efficiency of the CNC bus processing machine is significantly higher than that of the traditional punching machine.  
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