The current of the bus processing machine should not be too large

by:JPSK     2021-06-01
The current of the bus processing machine affects the control of the entire technical operation. The control of the current is also the key to the quality of the products produced by the bus processing machine. The following is the problem of the current of the bus processing machine that I have compiled for you. The busway system generally consists of the following units: feeder bus or plug-in bus straight-line unit; three-phase four-wire system and three-phase five-wire system are configured according to the number of conductors (independent PE row is added, and some manufacturers Provide aluminum alloy shell as the form of integral grounding PE). Incoming (outgoing) line units for interfaces with transformers, power distribution cabinets and other equipment; reversing units have L-shaped units, T-shaped units, and Z-shaped units; expansion units have expansion joints Busbar unit; the plug-in unit has a plug-in box unit.    closed busway is a busbar system composed of a metal plate (steel plate or aluminum plate) as a protective shell, conductive bars, insulating materials and related accessories. It can be made at intervals A plug-in type enclosed busway with a plug-in junction box can also be made into a feed-type closed busway without a junction box in the middle. In the power supply system of high-rise buildings, the power and lighting lines are often set separately, and the busway As the power supply main line, install one or more times vertically along the wall in the electrical shaft. It is necessary to keep the working current of the bus processing machine motor not too large. All units of the bus processing machine are usually designed by the busway manufacturer according to the standard design, or according to the engineering Non-standard design is required after on-site measurement to meet the needs of users and installation. The busway system is generally used in the connection between the transformer and the power distribution cabinet and the trunk wiring from the power distribution center (distribution panel, cabinet) to the load Mode of power supply system. The current level of the system is usually 250~5000A, the rated voltage is 400~1000V, and the protection level is IP40~IP65.    Because the motor is overloaded, the voltage is too low, or the driven machinery is stuck, etc., it will cause the motor to run overload. Therefore, , During the operation of the motor, pay attention to frequently checking whether the transmission is flexible and reliable; whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard; the flexibility of the gear transmission, etc., if there is a jamming phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately to remove the fault and then run. From the above point of view, the current of the bus bar processing machine is not easy to be too large. From the working principle, if the current of the bus processing machine is large, it will cause the bus processing machine to jam. Everyone should pay attention to these problems during the use.
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