The cool air of fall and approaching winter can

by:JPSK     2020-04-28
Even a hole the size of a dime, can allow mice access to your home. Be sure to seal any cracks and crevices around your home, and be sure to check your foundation and around pipes and utility wires Shrubs and trees that are near your home are an excellent invitation to mice and pests. Keep them neatly trimmed and with no branches touching the structure. Try using crushed rock around your foundation, since mice do not like to walk on uneven surfaces Don't store boxes and other containers on the floor and use plastic bins with sealed lids, instead of card board or open topped units. If you have areas that aren't frequently used, be sure to keep them neat and regularly inspected for signs of mouse As always, seal any leaks in and around your home so rodents do not have access to water Pet food should never be left out or in bags, they're like a mouse buffet. Keep them tightly sealed in hard plastic or metal bins Signs of mice infestations may include chewed electrical wires, gnaw marks on wood surfaces and droppings in your cupboards or pantries. Treatment options for mice include: Snap traps: Snap traps are the tried and true mechanics for your mouse control and elimination. Mouse snap traps have been used for centuries. The theory has not changed, but science behind the machine has continued to improve. With better technology and higher grade products mouse snap traps can and will work successfully on any number of mice. You can also try for T-Rex rat snap trap which works well for rats, mice & rodents as well. Rodenticides: Rodenticides are pesticides that kill rodents and our modern rodenticides can be broken down into two broad group: anticoagulants and non-anticoagulants. Exclusion Products: Making your house rodent proof is the process of denying mice entry into a building or home by improving the building integrity. This can be difficult with mice since they can enter in a space small as a pinky finger. Mouse exclusion is the best long term and cost effective method of rodent control, taking the time to do it right and thoroughly can save you lots of frustration down the line. One of the best mouse exclusion products is copper mesh. Copper mesh should be used when trying to prevent entry into a hole and opening. Rodents do not have the ability to chew or gnaw through the copper mesh fibers. GlueTraps: Glue products can be tossed in the trash after use. Glue boards can be purchased scented and unscented and can be placed in the rats environment covered or uncovered. glue traps can be placed in runways and use to trap rats and mice. They are easy to use, nontoxic and will get great results.
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