Temperature test of bus bar processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-03

   Speaking of bus processing machines, everyone is not unfamiliar. Bus processing machines still occupy a place in the machinery industry. Few people know about the temperature test of bus processing machines. I will talk about the temperature of bus processing machines below. test.   The bus bar is at a high potential. At present, there are very few instruments dedicated to the measurement of high voltage bus bar and electrical contact heating in China. The main method of temperature monitoring is to coat a layer of luminescent material whose color changes with temperature on the electrical contact surface, and roughly determine the temperature range by observing the color change. This method has low accuracy and poor reliability and cannot be quantitatively measured; The characteristics of temperature measurement in the voltage working environment, the bus bar of the bus processing machine and the electrical contact temperature measuring device adopt the method of temperature measurement on the spot, the data is sent to the ground remotely, and the computer is processed.  The temperature sensor is powered by a floating rechargeable battery, which reduces the electrical connection between high and low voltage. It works in a fully digital manner, with strong anti-interference ability, high precision and small size. After comprehensive testing of the system, its work is stable and reliable, and it can meet the requirements of high-voltage bus temperature measurement.

   In the high-voltage bus temperature measurement device, the temperature sensing part and the data processing part are separated. Temperature data can be transmitted to measuring instruments at low potentials by infrared light waves or radio waves. Since there may be several measurement points, the measured data has an address identification code for ease of control.  The disadvantage of infrared data transmission is that light wave transmission requires no obstacles in space, and the transmission distance is relatively short, generally only 3m~5m. Clamping is an important part of the workpiece clamping process. It will not cause position changes and vibration due to cutting force, workpiece gravity, CNC lathe centrifugal force or inertial force, etc., to ensure machining accuracy and safe operation. After the workpiece is positioned, the clamping force is generated by a certain mechanism, and the workpiece is pressed against the positioning element to maintain an accurate positioning position. This mechanism that generates the clamping force is called a clamping device. The clamping process of the clamping device of the bus bar processing machine is reliable and does not change the correct position occupied by the workpiece after positioning.  The structure is good, and the structure of the clamping device is simple and compact, which is convenient for manufacturing and maintenance. The size of the clamping force should be appropriate, not only to ensure that the position of the workpiece is stable and the vibration is small during the processing process, but also that the workpiece does not produce excessive clamping deformation.   The above is the temperature test of the bus bar processing machine, have you learned it? If you have questions related to the bus processing machine, please feel free to consult.

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