Structural characteristics of busbar machine

by:JPSK     2021-05-26
Busbar machines are widely used in high and low voltage switch cabinets, substations, bus ducts, bridges, electrical switches, communication equipment, household appliances, shipbuilding, office automation equipment, elevator manufacturing, chassis and cabinet manufacturing and other electrical complete manufacturing industries. The following is a brief introduction to the structural characteristics of the busbar machine: 1. The bending unit is a closed structure and adopts a horizontal processing method to ensure the structural strength of the bending unit. 2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted, reducing processing time and improving production efficiency. 3. The four-bottom feet are equipped with walking wheels for easy movement, as well as jacking and leveling devices for easy installation. Low voltage mother in substation. 4. The machine is equipped with three processing units of punching, cutting and folding. The punching, cutting and folding of the busbar can be processed separately or at the same time by manual or foot switch.

5. The punching and shearing processing unit adopts a vertical processing method. The machine is equipped with manual buttons and foot switches. The operation is simple, flexible and convenient, and can be easily operated by skilled workers.

The busbar machine can process various specifications of copper and aluminum busbars into high-quality finished busbars at one time. There are also energy-saving and environmental protection settings inside, which can greatly reduce the equipment during the production process. Power consumption has brought practical benefits to our customers.
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