Stone CNC Router Machine

by:JPSK     2020-08-16

Stone processing is a traditional industry in China, and is experiencing a great developing and changing times. As more and more stonemason retiring, younger generation demand for high efficiency, mechanization and automation, it makes stone CNC router machine gain fast movement in the profession of stone carving industry.

So today, let us know more stone cnc machine.

1. Stone router machine is high-tech automatic engraving equipment.

It has many types, such as: NC equipment, laser engraving and cutting machine, cnc carving machine, etc;

2. Multi-function usage:

2D carving, 3D relief embossment, V-bottom engraving, flat-bottom engraving, line-carving, edge milling, edging processing, cutting, drilling, slotting and so on;

3. Application area of cnc stone router:

Stone, tablet monument, gravestone (tombstone) processing, artistic relief sculpturing, furnishing and decorating, advertising, ceramics industry, etc;

4. Suitable materials include:

5. Stone cnc router cutters get more and more favors of mass customers, because it has many incomparable advantages compared with traditional handmade stone industry:

6. Stone CNC Routing & sandblasting carving machine comparison:

7. Stone CNC router machine are composed of:

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