Steel building construction is easier and simplest

by:JPSK     2020-08-21

Before constructing a metal structure, you should analyze what kind of structure are you opting for. Generally, there are three types of metal structures. These types are:

Quonset: A pre-fabricated metal structure with semi-circular cross-section.

I-Beam: Structures with sidewalls and a two-sectioned roof.

Hybrid: The base is made up of concrete and the structure of steel. Steel and concrete are combined to make their effective use to save energy and make steel buildings more efficient.

These are three basic types of metal buildings. The I-beam metal building is the most preferred and widely recognized for agricultural and commercial purposes. Quonset is famous for storage purposes and as aircraft hangars. Building a steel building could involve using heavy machinery. However, it depends upon the size of the structure. Huge complexes are built with cranes and hydraulic shovels.

Foundation is another factor to consider. You may choose to screw the panels of the structure into the foundation or build a concrete foundation for the structure. The choice greatly depends upon what purpose will the structure serve. For sure, the internal structure would be made up of metal.

Now, here comes the external sheet of the structure. The external sheet available to build a steel building shall be fully galvanized. A galvanized metal sheet resists rust and corrosion effectively. Moreover, it is also imperative that the construction material is high-grade cold rolled steel. This is because such a construction material is more tensile, which helps in a flexible steel building design. Metal buildings have good resistance against weather conditions, though the impacts of weather can be minimized by insulating them. There is special kind of insulating material for metal structures. Its R-value determines its power to resist the weather impacts.

Last but not least, this task also involves structural planning. Where do you want to place your structure? What will be the steel building design? How many doors, windows and ventilators? Where to place them? What extra gadgets would you integrate into the structure later on? All these come in structural planning.

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