Sand Maker is a high-efficiency rock crushing

by:JPSK     2020-04-26
After 50 years of development, especially in the beginning of this century, China high pressure micro powder mill has been in 'a golden period of development.' The development environment improved significantly, scale of production is growing rapidly, the product types appear initial changes. The stability and service of product improved significantly in Henan mining machinery industry. The production and sales has achieved a marvellous leap from the 25603 units in 2001 to 232409 units in 2010. In the last year of 'The Eleventh Project' 2011, the sales of Raymond mill was 193531 units, which made record in domestic sales history. The Chinese market sales had outstripped a quarter of the world's total sales. The copper ore dressing equipments and Iron ore concentrator are the key points of the research and development of our company. The copper ore dressing equipments manufactured by our company contain all the equipments needed in all the stages of crushing, milling, screening, and concentrating. So our equipments can meet the requirements of all kinds of ore dressing production lines assembled by customers. HX-series vertical shaft impact crusher, also called sand making machine and rubble shaping machine, is a kind of crusher impacted by the materials themselves. The materials fall into the hopper, be thrown to the impellers which are rotating at a high speed. Then the materials are accelerated and thrown out of impeller area, impacting the materials distributed around the impeller by the effect of centrifugal force. After impacting with each other, the materials are crushed between impeller and cabinet, bumped and rubbed to each other again and again. They cycles many times with the close circuit and the vibrating screen will control the granularity of finished products. At last, the crushed materials will be outputted from the discharging opening. Cement mill price : Rock cone crusher : Stone production line :
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