Safety Operation Management Regulations in the Use of Numerical Control Bus Processing Machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-08
The operator of the CNC bus processing machine must carefully read the instruction manual of the CNC bus machine, and obtain the qualification for induction after rigorous theoretical training and practical operation training, and strictly abide by this operating procedure. The operator must be familiar with the main structure, performance and scope of use of the equipment. Work in accordance with this operating procedure.   1. The operator of the CNC bus processing machine must be familiar with the main structure, performance and processing parameters of the equipment before using this machine. When the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to extend any part of the body into the front and rear molds to avoid pinching.  2. The operator must check carefully before starting the CNC bus processing machine, wear complete labor protection equipment, remove electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and mold problems in a timely manner, and start using it after refueling according to the lubrication regulations.  3. When turning on the CNC bus processing machine, turn on the main power supply in the electrical cabinet, close the control switch, turn on the emergency stop button, pneumatic and hydraulic stations, and turn on the machine after confirming that there are no persons or objects irrelevant to the work in the working range of the machine.  4. Start dry running for 15 minutes before each shift (hydraulic station oil pump), start self-checking, machine tool X, Y, Z axis return to the origin, make the back stopper correspond to the zero point of the sensor.  5. Choose an appropriate mold according to the thickness, shape, and aperture size of the busbar, and install and tighten it correctly.  6. u200bu200bTo ensure the precision of punching and shearing, the busbar must be flat and placed in the pressure center of the machine tool. It is not suitable for unilateral load. The extra-long busbar must be added with a bracket to maintain balance before processing.  7. When the CNC bus processing machine is running, it is strictly forbidden for any person or object to collide with the machine, backgauge, sensor and other components to ensure the safe operation of people and equipment.   8. Observe the operating status of the equipment at any time during use. If an abnormal phenomenon is found, stop immediately, disconnect the power supply and report to the equipment management department. No one can disassemble, assemble and repair without permission from relevant departments.  9. The power supply must be cut off after the machine stops, and the operation buttons and handles are in non-working positions.  10. The requirements for wiping the CNC bus processing machine, the paint sees its true color, the iron sees light, the machine table and molds must be oiled to prevent rust, clean the site, and keep the working environment tidy and clean.  11. After the work is over, clean the environment and wipe the equipment to keep it clean and hygienic. The cleaned waste should be handed over to the company's relevant departments for unified treatment to avoid secondary pollution.   The above is what the editor shared for you today. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.  
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