Reasons why the current load of the bus machine should not be too large

by:JPSK     2021-05-28
All units of the busbar machine are usually designed by the busbar manufacturer as standard, and the busbar system is generally used in the connection between the transformer and the power distribution cabinet and the power supply system from the power distribution center to the load in a trunk wiring method. The grade is usually 250~5000A, the rated voltage is 400~1000V, and the protection grade is IP40~IP65. Let’s take everyone to understand the impact of excessive current load on the busbar machine.   The closed busway is made of metal plates as a protective shell, conductive row, A busbar system composed of insulating materials and related accessories. It can be made into a plug-in type closed busway with plug-in junction boxes at intervals, or it can be made into a feed-type closed busway without a junction box in the middle. The busway is used as the main power supply line to install one or more times vertically along the wall in the electrical shaft.   If the motor of the busbar machine is overloaded, the voltage is too low, or the driven machinery is stuck, etc., it will cause the motor to run overload. Therefore, When the motor is running, pay attention to frequently checking whether the transmission device is flexible and reliable; whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard; the flexibility of the gear transmission, etc., if there is any jamming phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault and then run.
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