Pumps are used in a huge variety of locations

by:JPSK     2020-08-18

Pumps for low-risk projects

In September this year, following a dry summer, a new 250-berth marina in Wiltshire (The Caen Hill Marina, west of Devizes) needed to pump water in from the River Avon - 8.5 million gallons of water to be exact. Using powerful pumps, and given that the project was categorised as low-risk, the pumping operation only took eight days.

But some pumping requirements are much more complex and involve increased risk, particularly in areas where there is a huge tidal range.

Pumps for high-risk projects

In 2009, the mammoth project of repairing and refurbishing the harbour gates at a docks in Southwest England was underway after the gates failed, due to being old and neglected. As the area had a huge tidal range, the project was deemed as high-risk.

Before moving the gates to dry dock, electric submersible pumps were used to remove water and silt from them. When it was time to return them, barges, and large capacity pumps on the harbour wall, gradually filled the gates with clean water, while Sweepax hydraulic submersible pumps cleared the steps on the harbour floor.

Liverpool port is one of the largest and busiest container ports in Europe. According to the Shipping and Marine.website, in December 2010 pumps were used to pump three million litres of water from Liverpool's Langton Dock. This was to allow for the critical refurbishment of 1600-tonne caissons (sliding watertight doors used in docks, positioned at intervals in the water). The team, using four 200 kW pumps, only had three hours - with potentially serious and costly consequences if things went wrong.

Pumping projects abroad

British pump rental specialists are often the first to be contacted when a large-scale pumping project overseas needs unparalleled expertise. In 2008, a major project at a shipbuilding yard in South Korea required the supply of a complete pumping package. Two large oil rigs were being built and the project needed large volumes of seawater. The pump hire specialist's task was to win water from the sea and provide a temporary supply to the rigs, enabling the commissioning of cooling systems (turbine, generators and heating).

A top British pump rental specialist commissioned all equipment on site: an Orion 8x6 90c, a 150/150 Weir, two PX30 submersible pumps, a filtration system, a chemical dosing pump, control equipment, a purpose-built distribution manifold, high pressure hoses and ancillary equipment. To the South Korean client's total satisfaction, the job was completed successfully and on time by the British team.

End-to-end pump hire services

Whatever the size and scope of the pumping requirements at a British dock, port or harbour, a large (and proven) pump leasing specialist will be able to deliver the most dependable pumps for hire and the most effective pumping solutions. Theirs will be a complete end-to-end service: from site surveys and planning, through consultancy and engineering skills, to expert installation, engineer supervision and tailored support and maintenance.

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