Pressure washing makes maintenance easy. These

by:JPSK     2020-08-17

#1) What is pressure washing?

Pressure washer machines are just what they sound like-machines that use pressurized water. The pressure from the machine is much higher than what would come from a garden hose, which is why it makes cleaning easier.

#2) How does it work?

These systems run on either electric, hydraulic, diesel or gas motors; although home pressure systems generally are either gas or electric. The water from the hoses comes out with a powerful stream, because the pump compresses the water as it goes through and increases the pressure in the pump. The hoses use triggers, which give you the option of spraying the water in either quick spurts, or in a continuous stream.

#3) How much power do the systems have?

The gas powered washers generally have between 5-7 horsepower, although the best systems produce up to 24 horsepower. The strongest systems are generally used by businesses. The electric washers are generally used for lighter jobs which do not need as much pressure (i.e. window or door washing). The gas powered systems would break them, due to the pressure.

#4) How do you pick the best system for you?

It really is based on what you are washing. For instance, washing a driveway would take a lot more power than a window. In fact, if you used too much pressure for a window, you would break it. It is very important for you to think about this beforehand, so you pick the appropriate amount of power for what you are washing.

#5) How much do these systems cost?

Generally the residential systems range in price from $200-500. Basically, the more pressure they produce, the more expensive they will be and vice versa.

#6) How can you save money?

Try shopping online. Sometimes internet stores have cheaper prices due to their lower overhead expenses. Try there before going to an appliance or tool store in your area.


Pressure washing is a great decision for someone who needs more power than a simple hose will provide. Sure, these systems are an investment, but the long term benefits are well worth it. Use these guidelines, and you will save money while finding the right system for you.

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