Press a stamping parts special cast iron alloy

by:JPSK     2020-05-15
Center of gravity balance: drive center and the center of the whole line machines to deep drawn parts ensure accurate punching and stable. Slider with two balancer to ensure balanced operation of the machine. Stable high-precision: crankshaft, gears, gear shafts and other parts such as friction and heat treatment were then grinding after hardening, has high wear resistance and balance, performance and stability. Process automation and labor saving: works with any of the automatic feeding mechanism, to automate production, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Stamping parts principle: motor driven by the flywheel, and through the clutch, gear drive connecting rod to slide up and down movement, led the tensile mold forming on the plate. The so-called double-action press is that there are two sliders, the slider is divided into inner and outer slider, slider to drive within the mold punch or die, mold on the outside slider to drive a blank holder, the tensile First of all, when the blank holder plate motion to suppress the edge of the slider and then move inside to stretch. Widely used in precision electronic stamping parts, communications, computers, household deep drawn parts appliances, auto parts, motor rotor and other small precision parts stamping parts process. Suitable for mass production of precision electronics, metal parts. Ramjet deep drawn parts is an air bypass jet engine heat. He has no major rotating parts, only the expansion contains a form of ducted inlet and a convergent, or convergent divergent shape export. When the engine in the forward movement under the action of external force, the air is pressed into the inlet. Subsequent expansion of the air flowing through the bypass type, its speed is reduced kinetic energy, but the pressure to increase. Under the action of fuel combustion, the air's total energy increases, the expansion of the gas to accelerate through the export of bypass and discharge, resulting in thrust. Because of stagnant air can not mix with fuel, gas can not be a good burn, making the engine in a relatively short period of time can not produce enough thrust; so ramjet is a precondition to work, you must first achieve some forward velocity. For this feature, determines that the engine is not suitable for aircraft power, but only suitable for the driving force of missiles and drones. Now the usual long-range missiles and cruise missiles are used ramjet engine in the press over the back with a rocket engine. Missile launch, the rocket engine ignition first work; when the missile reaches a certain speed and altitude, the rocket engines stop working, then press the engine start working, and finally sent to the specified target missile. The process of deep drawn parts and stamping parts process is the preparation of the first issues to consider only the design of a reasonable, good tensile process of parts, to ensure no wrinkles in the drawing process, no crack, less wrinkling less cracking. Panel drawing process processes processing not only good for the tensile deformation conditions, but also to facilitate future operations. Therefore, the design should not only take into account when deep drawn parts and stamping parts direction, the shape of binder surface, drawing the shape and location of reinforcement, process and add some rationality and the relationship between the next process. Determine the direction of stamping parts. Correctly identify the direction of stretch is not only a desirable tensile parts guarantee, and will arrange follow-up processes have a greater impact, so the tensile direction is to determine the tensile parts of the first element. Determine the tensile direction, the main consideration: to ensure a smooth punch into the die and into the stretch to all corners of parts; started drawing punch and blank when the contact surface should be large, and the contact surface should be located in die center binder surface resistance of the feed should be uniform. Reasonable to add deep drawn parts some additional technology. A wide range of automobile parts, covering parts of some complex shape, the structure asymmetric, direct forming more difficult to set the necessary process to add some help to improve the tensile parts of the process, and improve the quality of stretching pieces. Addendum part is an integral part of the deep drawn parts, after the completion of the stretch it needs to be cut off, therefore, determined to add some stretching pieces of technology should follow the following principles: to stretch as far as possible shallow depth; as beneficial to the vertical trim ; process should be as small as possible to add some.
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