Power system of bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-01
With the continuous update and development of science and technology, bus processing machines are now widely used in electrical equipment manufacturing industry, in order to improve the efficiency of the bus processing machines and ensure safer operation. Today, I will introduce the power system of the bus processing machine. The role of the power system in the bus processing machine is to transform the voltage to facilitate the transmission of power. After the voltage is boosted by the step-up transformer, line loss can be reduced, the economy of power transmission can be improved, and the purpose of long-distance power transmission can be achieved. The step-down transformer can change the high voltage into the voltage required by the user at all levels to meet the needs of the user. The main reason for the noise produced by the iron core is that under the action of the alternating magnetic field, the size of the silicon steel sheet will change slightly. Because the change period of magnetostriction is half the cycle of the power supply frequency, the vibration of the transformer body caused by magnetostriction is therefore Twice the power frequency is the fundamental frequency, so the vibration of the silicon steel sheet is mainly caused by the magnetostrictive properties of the ferromagnetic material. The magnetostriction rate is related to the material of the silicon steel sheet. The greater the magnetostriction, the greater the noise. When the magnetic field strength is the same, the magnetostriction of the silicon steel sheet of good material is also small, so the noise is also small. Magnetostriction is also related to the strength of the magnetic field. The stronger the magnetic field, the greater the noise. The magnetostriction rate is also related to whether the surface of the silicon steel sheet is painted and annealed. Because the coating has adhesion to the silicon steel sheet, it can prevent the silicon steel sheet from deforming. The silicon steel sheet annealed under the same magnetic field strength is more magnetostrictive than the unannealed silicon steel sheet. Much smaller, this is due to choosing a better annealing process, which can reduce the magnetostriction exponentially. The no-load noise of the transformer is not only related to its own material, but also related to the joints.
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