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Coal, a fossil fuel, is the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide, as well as one of the largest worldwide anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide releases. Gross carbon dioxide emissions from coal usage are slightly more than those from petroleum and about double the amount from natural gas.[4] Coal is extracted from the ground by mining, either underground by shaft mining through the seams or in open pits. Process Technological advancements have made coal washery today more productive than it has ever been. To keep up with technology and to extract coal as efficiently as possible modern mining personnel must be highly skilled and well trained in the use of complex, state-of-the-art instruments and equipment. Many jobs require four-year university degrees. Computer knowledge has also become greatly valued within the industry as most of the machines and safety monitors are computerized. Mining process machines Since the 1980s, SBM has begun to absorb technical from abroad and combined with our own production technology and apply to stone mining processing machinery equipments. With decades of developments, we have obtained the numerous breakthroughs and scored great achievements. Now, SBM is among the world first-class level of mining process equipment. Our coal mining process machines contain crushing machine, screening and transmission and grinding machine. Whatever you want stones coal and ores to be crushed or grinded, or you want construction stone, artificially sand and industrial grinding powder, always have suited to your machine that you want. Our coal mining machinery can almost crush and grind different hard minerals, they widely use for gold mining process, coal mining process, iron mining process, copper mining process, bauxite mining process, nickel mining processing, silver mining process, sand mining process and so on. Coal Washery technology: there are also three methods prevaling in China that make full use of coal resources and increase the economic return for the users. SSIT will select the best and most up-to-date design according to the geological conditions of the construction site and the requirement of the customers. Jigging Process Jigging is a well-established and widely used coal washing method in China. It is mainly used for treating coarse coal, mixed coal and small coal. The merits of the Jigging process are simplicity in process, high in capacity, easy in management and maintenance and low in operating cost. It is particularly suitable for treating easy-to-wash coal or high-density refuse rejection. The jigging machine currently in use is its large size, well-proven technology and reliability in operation. II. Heavy-medium Cycloning Process At present, the heavy-medium cyclone is the most efficient equipment for treating coal. The coal H.M. cyclone can be divided into two types: (a) 2-product pressure/gravity fed method, and (b) 3-product pressure/gravity fed method. III. Jigging + H.M. cyclone cleaning process In order to obtain the maximum economic benefit, guarantee the product quality and increase the clean coal yield, a combined washing system is used to cope with the fluctuations in the property of the raw coal feed. For treating an easy-to-wash coal, jigging process is exclusively used and the H.M. cyclone system for jig re-cleaning is shut down. If the raw coal is difficult to wash, the jig middings are re-cleaned by the H.M. cycloning system. The combined process has the advantage of being flexible in processing and ease of operation; it also yields the most economic result while maintaining the high separation efficiency and organic efficiency.
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