Operation rules for power failure and transmission of busbar transformer

by:JPSK     2021-05-29
The busbar machine is mainly suitable for high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing industry, used to process various specifications of copper and aluminum busbars. As long as the busbar punching, shearing, and folding can be processed separately on the corresponding processing unit, the production efficiency is high. Today we come to understand the operation rules for the power failure and transmission of the busbar transformer: 1. Before the shutdown and transmission operations, first close the neutral point grounding knife, and pay attention to the zero-sequence protection should correspond to the neutral point grounding method of the transformer. 2. The switching on and off of the transformer is operated with a circuit breaker, and it is not allowed to use a knife to pull any no-load transformer. 3. The power transmission operation should be carried out in the order of the power supply side and then the load side, and the power failure operation should be carried out in the order of the load side first and the power supply side. Reverse charging of the transformer from the low-voltage side is prohibited (applicable to step-down transformers). 4. Before the transformer is powered on, put the main protection such as heavy gas protection to the trip position. 5. The cooling device should be activated 30 minutes before the main transformer is put into operation. 6. Before the newly installed and overhauled transformer is put into operation, it should be closed under the rated voltage for five times, and the transformer with the replacement coil should be closed for three times. If possible, the generator should be used for zero-lifting and normalizing before proceeding. Impulse closing test under rated voltage. 7. For newly installed transformers or transformers that may cause phase changes, the maintenance personnel will check the line and verify the phase before putting it into operation to confirm the phase is correct, and make a detailed written report. 8. For transformers newly installed, overhauled, accidentally overhauled or oil changed, the static time before applying voltage shall not be less than the following regulations: 110kV and below 24h; 220kV and below 48h; 500kV and below 72h.
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