Operating bus machine requirements for staff

by:JPSK     2021-06-08
Busbar machine is a kind of equipment for processing copper and aluminum busbars of different specifications with four processing units of shearing, large bending, punching, and small bending, because it can quickly and conveniently punch aluminum and copper A variety of work processing such as holes and shears are widely used in a variety of electrical complete sets of manufacturing industries. This product is suitable for large-scale electric control and power transmission and distribution construction projects. In the process of use, operators need to pay attention to safety, and operation in accordance with operating specifications can better ensure operational safety. The following editor mainly introduces the requirements of the operating bus machine for the staff.   The operator of the bus machine should concentrate on the operation and should not leave his work to others to do. When handing over a shift, it is necessary to report the production situation to the next shift in order to understand its operation. Anyone who has nothing to do with the multi-function bus machine is strictly prohibited from starting the machine without permission. The operator must operate the machine tool in accordance with the operating rules. When a failure occurs, the operator must pay attention to keep the site and truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to the maintenance personnel, so as to facilitate analysis and diagnosis of the cause of the failure, and eliminate it in time.   When operating the bus machine, the operator is required not to wear large clothing or decorative items, and the cuffs and waist circumference need to be tightened to avoid the danger of being dragged and involved in the machine. Please use safety helmets, goggles, safety boots, gloves and other protective equipment as required. It is forbidden to smoke to work and operate after drinking. The operating range is set on the basis of fully considering the movement of the machine and the busbar, and irrelevant personnel should not enter the range during operation to avoid danger.   For the first operation staff of the bus machine, strict safety education and implementation training are required. Select the staff who have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment and have responsible qualifications to be responsible for all matters of the bus machine. The person in charge should keep the keys of the electric control box and the tool box, and regularly check the safety devices of each unit to prevent unnecessary danger. Supervise the replacement and adjustment of the punching dies, bending dies, and shearing dies of the equipment by the staff to ensure the accuracy and safety of the equipment. Check before the operation of the busbar machine, and discover the hidden safety hazards of the equipment in advance. After the hidden danger, take correct measures to eliminate the hidden danger.   The above matters needing attention for the staff during the use and operation of the bus machine in time, do not put sundries and tools on the workbench, and direct the production by a dedicated person, regularly check whether the equipment is operating normally, and ensure that the product is clean and running smoothly.
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