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New order from Romania


We got a new order from Romania of our hot-selling busbar machine of JPMX-301A.

JPMX-301A is a combined copper busbar processing machine. It has three functions, punching, cutting, and bending.

It is combined with three portable busbar processing machines.

The processing range is 10mm (width) * 150mm (thickness).

Romania. Developed European capitalist country.

Romania is located in the northeast of the Balkan peninsula of southeast Europe, Ukraine and Moldova and neighbors from Serbia and Hungarian border, near the black sea, covers an area of 8391 square kilometers, Romania has a long history, the ancestors of Dacia, merge with the Romans mold, after the formation of Romanians, a century has formed three principalities, on December 24, 1918, the principality of Transylvania merged with kingdom of Romania, Romania formal unification.

Peres Palace

Black Church

Danube Delta

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