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New busbar machine order from South Africa


We sold two of our busbar machines to South Africa during the holiday.

Two of them are CNC busbar processing machines with three high-precision functions. Punching, bending, and cutting for copper and aluminum busbars.

One is JPMX-303CSK. It has the same processing range as JPMX-303SK. But JPMX-303CSK has one motor, the JPMX-303SK has three motors.

The other one is JPMX-503ESK. It is the most popular machine of our company products. It has the highest sales.

The JPMX-503ESK has two working tables, it allows to do the three functions at the same time. It reduces the processing time and labor input.

The three functions(cut, bend, and punch) are all having the highest-precision.

Contact us if you need one busbar processing machine.

Machine Pics



Delivery Pics

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