Jaw Crusher purpose and scope:

by:JPSK     2020-08-21

1, the series of jaw crusher (broken jaw) is mainly used for metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractories and ceramics and other industrial departments of the various pieces and crushing of hard ores and rocks with.

2, the series of jaw crusher (jaw broken) best suited to breaking strength no higher than 300MPa (MPa) of various hard and soft ore, the largest block of material to be broken shall be not greater than the required technical data sheet.

Jaw Crusher Working Principle:

The series of jaw crusher (jaw broken) works for the song moving extrusion type, its working principle is: motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move the jaw up and down movement, when the movable jaw rises between toggle plate and moving jaw larger angle, thus promoting the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, its material to be crushed or split while broken, broken to achieve the purpose; when the movable jaw down, the elbow angle between the plate and moving jaw smaller, movable jaw plate In the bar, under the action of the spring, leaving the fixed jaw plate, then material from the crushing chamber has been broken under the discharge port. With the continuous rotation motor broken jaw for periodic motion of mobile crushing and waste material, to achieve mass production.

With the pull of domestic demand, local roads, railways and other infrastructure investment in increasing the urgent need for a lot of sand. To protect the ecological balance, the state expressly prohibits unauthorized excavation of natural sand (river clean-up excluded).

Natural sand for the large volume it needs. Therefore, the development of sand on a very urgent on the agenda was. View of the sand is a rock burst, mechanically broken or crushed river gravel by crushing and sieving formed, its strength properties are more superior to the natural sand.

Some metal and nonmetal mines in the mining and processing generate large quantities of tailings, an urgent need for comprehensive utilization, is also a good raw material sand production mechanism. Therefore, instead of natural sand sand production is an inevitable trend. On the one hand can make a lot of tailings and pebbles can be used, on the other hand can be machined to produce good quality and can meet the needs of the various grade of cement.

Sand in terms of physical properties or chemical properties are better than natural sand. We have a strategic level, establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development, and advancing human environmental responsibility, and vigorously develop and actively promote sand equipment. While our technology and equipment sand research and development project started late, slow development, large-scale water conservancy construction in the use of artificial sand, the sand making the key, many of the imported devices. Domestic sand and equipment development and foreign advanced level there is still a gap. However, we believe that the efforts over time, be able to catch up or exceed the foreign similar equipment. Now some sand from the domestic situation used equipment is still good, it is appropriate use.

Broken material, sand and gravel mining industry demands and requirements of industry, breaking ground is different. The current production machine equipment manufacturing company most of the sand by the machinery manufacturing industry to play.

Therefore, we must first make a demand on the sand about.

1, mining equipment required on the broken material is fine particles. Generally speaking, sheet materials on the needle into the mill, but easier to grind. And gravel requirements and the contrary, its grain type, grain size requirements are very stringent. The reason is because of its angular cubic sand, so each particle has a locking effect. And then graded sand can greatly reduce the gap. At the same time occupy cubic sand sand more than a round surface area, and materials to make asphalt or cement and materials glued together to reduce the possibility of displacement.

2, according to the definition of Sand: The addition of soil treatment, by mechanical crushing, screening made of rock particle size less than 4.75mm. But does not include soft rock, weathered rock particles.

3, sand specifications: according to the specifications of sand fineness modulus (Mx) is divided into coarse, medium and fine of three. Of which:

Coarse sand fineness modulus of 3.7 ~ 3.1

In the sand fineness modulus of 3.3 ~ 3.0

Fine sand fineness modulus of 2.2 ~ 1.6

4, the level of their technical requirements of sand into: I, II, III three levels.

Uses: I kind of sand suitable for cement strength grade is greater than C6. Class II applies to strength grade C30 ~ C60 and antifreeze, impermeability, or other requirements of the cement, hydraulic cement. Class III sand suitable for cement strength classes less than C30 and construction mortar.

Features: Sand between the diameter of 4.75 ~ 0.15mm and less than 0.075mm of the powder should be limited, its grain size divided by 4.75, 2.36, 1.18, 0.60, 0.30, 0.15, the best to be continuous, and Each one class to have a certain percentage of their grain type was the best cube, flake content of its needles are also certain requirements.

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