Introduction of washing

by:JPSK     2020-04-25
The process of removing materials from the clay mineral is called flushing. This process consists of the process and released separately. The whole process is under water with the washing machine. In the process releasing the clay material fragmentation and dispeision performed by immersion, impact and water mixture, separated in the process of fine particles of clay and mud in suspension in the water are separated coarse particles. For some ores, the loose and separate step are carried out individually, however, for most of the minerals, the two steps are performed simultaneously. Washing process The selection of the washing process must be in accordance with the characteristics of mineral washing and performance requirements. Equipment according to selection of minerals and the working characteristics, there are basically two types of washing process: In the first process is composed Sorting machines (sieve screen, sieve vibration sieve cylinder, etc.), consisting of the process, the other is dedicated to special teams process comprising washing. The washing process machinery used common selection usually combines with the mineral grinding process of the workshop, the sorting equipment in the grinding process are also washing machines, without additional increment of specialized facilities. This process saves investment and operation is easy. When the original selection facilities are not adequate or not adequate, we can still add a small amount of equipment and screen wash. This process is suitable for processing with less clay mineral, clay low plasticity and little agglomeration. The choice of the processing plant tungsten ore in the ore-processing plants the washing process the commonly used tungsten process. Washing unit and refers to devices which combine washing equipment operation released and separated. In the modern field of mineral selection, with the growing range of applications for mineral selection, the increasing difficulty of washing and stringent processing required, a single washing machine can not complir with the task of washing, you should use a variety of machines washing and selection (or screening) together, thereby forming the washing process. Washing is usually the preparation of the operation is performed before the election (including elections by hand and the choice of optics), grinding, re-election (including the selection of medium heavy), magnetic selection and flotation operations. The purpose of washing is to remove the sludge and its impact on operations, improving the process, improve operational efficiency and achieve good indicators. For example, in the sorting plant wolframite, prior to selection by hand is removed by adding water sludge in the vibration sieve. Thereby increasing the rate of residue lost in the operation by hand and creating the conditions for further reducing the lower limit of granularity of selection by hand. Washing plant applications In August 1992 a sorting plant for iron ore production set in motion test with the washing process in December performed the inspection process. The inspection results in the product shows that coarse ore, ore 10 mm represents the 4l, 45%, 23.75% representael 2 mm, so that adding the washing process in the grinding system is necessary, the ore enters the cleaning accounts for 30% of the total, 18.4% of the mineral in the machine enters the magnetic separator, where the tailings are left representing 11.41%. Laundering operations have played a role. Not only reduce the burden of ball milling, sieving and grinding, but also help to improve the ability of the dense ball machine, reducing the consumption of steel balls and energy. Drum stone washing equipment The drum washing machine is also known as washing machine sieve. Mainly composed of the closed cylinder and double-layer mesh. The cylinder is above two steel rings with four rollers. Turn the pinion in the center. On the inner wall coatings which have no ribs. The ribs are spiral, spiral distance increases towards the end of the screen to stir and download the material. iron ore beneficiation XSD and LSD laundering machines are widely used in mineral processing of ferrous metals (iron, manganese) ore, ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tungsten, tin, aluminum), nonmetallic mineral (diamonds, kaolin , quartz sand, diatomaceous earth, etc.), rare and precious metals, building materials (stone, gravel and sand) and other materials (minerals, energy and chemical raw minerals). Welcome to free online access to solution, product catalog and price of the washing plant.
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