In my 40 years of Industrial experience, I have

by:JPSK     2020-08-22

There is no set formula to do it. You have to study in depth unbiased and then prescribe the correct methods to revitalize it. I did it like this:

1. I decided to ask the owner - what is your analysis? He gave me only one reason - my order has reduced drastically, what to do?

2. I went into the root cause of order reduction and found that order has been reduced because Production cost has increased by 25-40% and the owner is not able to compete in the market.

3. I made an in-depth study of the Production process and found that Production cost of this Company is very high - why?

(a) This Company has Computerized Machines, very good Welding Machines and a Semi-Automatic Powder Coating Plant. Then why the cost is high?

(b) The Company has engaged 4 Supervisors, 8 Machine Operators, but 20 men for material handling. I found the answer.

4. Material handling is very costly for this Company and at the same time it is costing about 30% of precious Production time. I decided to reduce material handling time to zero, it means, no operator has to wait even for 1 minute for want of material. How it is done?

This is a Sheet Metal Factory. Sheets of different are used in Production. I made a Roller Conveyor with Automatic Stacking arrangement from the sheet unloading point to the Shearing Machine. After shearing the sheets are stacked in specially designed Modular Racks with Castor Wheels and these are pushed manually to the Turret Press Punch Machine for next processing. Custom Work Stations are made to transport the sheets from Turret Press Punch Machines to the Bending Machines, so that the operator gets the sheets without any loss of time. From Bending to the Welding, to the Powder coating area, same type of custom work stations on Castor wheels are used. This reduced the Material Handling time to Zero and automatically Production increased to 100% of Plant Capacity.

This kind of improvement is not at all costly, but extensive training is required for correct and speedy handling.

Most of the Factory Managers believe that their low production is due to in-efficient man power. But it is not true at all. You have to increase the speed and see men are not asked to handle heavy loads. When men will handle heavy loads, they will get tired and their production efficiency is reduced drastically. See that the environment in the Factory is good. Very hot, noisy factory will produce less. Re-cycle the man power efficiently so that they do not do the same job every day. Make their job easy and interesting, provide music, cold water, well ventilated working area, hygienic snacks, good lunch, behave like a gentleman and allow them to rest when required.

Do these and see your Factory is revitalized to 100% Production Capacity.

This article is written by Subodh Sarkar Dated. 24th. Sept, 2010.

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