Improve machining position accuracy of CNC busbar processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-09
With the rapid development of China's switchgear industry, the demand for bus processing machinery is also increasing rapidly, which means that the competition among CNC bus processing machine manufacturers is becoming more and more intense. Most domestic manufacturers are still producing. Traditional busbar bending machine with open loop control.  In order to improve market competitiveness, the design of high-precision and high-efficiency CNC bus processing machines has gradually been put on the agenda. Mainly studied the position accuracy of the busbar bending machine in the processing process, designed a complete control scheme, and improved the bending accuracy. Taking the KMW427J hydraulic CNC bus bar processing machine as the sample, using the copper bus bar as the test material, through the mechanism analysis of the springback in the bus bar bending process, the experimental plan was developed, and the PLC control program was prepared. On the concave mold of the bending mechanism, as a feedback device for the real-time position of the concave mold, the displacement of the concave mold stroke is collected by the grating ruler and directly fed back to the PLC, and the displacement is started and stopped by the digital value obtained by the PLC.   The data acquisition card is used to collect the analog quantity of displacement pressure during the bending process. Process and analyze data. Calculate the data by calling the cubic spline difference function in Matlab, and plot the displacement, velocity, acceleration and bending during the bending process. Pressure curve. Analyze the law of springback in the bending process of the busbar. The control scheme of the bending system uses a programmable controller (PLC) as the control core. In addition to the basic control program, the CNC busbar processing machine also adds PID control algorithm, improves the PID algorithm, and makes the busbar bending machine system more effective. Adjust PID parameters through Matlab simulation to set the best control parameters.   By introducing PID control algorithm, the CNC bus processing machine can better control the feed displacement during processing. Through the debugging of the designed bending machine control system, the control system has perfect functions, stable and good system, so that the accuracy of the single bend angle of the bus can fully meet the requirements of the high-voltage electric cabinet and the accuracy of the bus in the industry. The control system can improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency of the bus.   The above is about the content of the CNC busbar processing machine to improve the accuracy of the machining position. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.  
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