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by:JPSK     2020-05-07
Alloy There are a number of different alloys that copper sheeting is available in; the different alloys each give certain properties to the copper that it doesn't normally have, but that make it more suited to different applications. There are 3 main alloys in use today, and they are categorized as follows: - C11000, also known as electrolytic-tough-pitch, is 99.9% pure copper. It is a fantastic conductor of electricity and is often used as a kick plate at front doors, a back splash in the kitchen, guttering and roofing. - C12200 is made by adding a small amount of phosphorus to pure copper. This makes the metal easier to weld and braze, making it perfectly suited for tubing and piping, but it does make it much less conductive than it would be otherwise. - C14500 is made by adding a small amount of tellurium to pure copper. This makes the metal much easier and faster to machine and is not as hard on the machine itself as pure copper is. Temper When we talk about the temper of a metal, we are referring to its hardness. Whilst there is a numbering system in place that refers to the varying levels of hardness of copper (H01 is soft and H04 is hard), most people will just ask for something along the lines of 'quarter-hard copper sheeting' at their local supplier. Gauge and Ounces The gauge of copper is another way of referring to how thick the metal is, keeping in mind that the larger the number the thinner the material. To be even more difficult, the roofing industries will talk about the thickness of copper in terms of ounces per square foot, so you must try to not get confused. Finish Generally, the finish of copper sheeting will have a dull reflection, but this will darken over time as the metal is exposed to air. Leave the copper like this for an extended period of time and a green patina will start to form on the surface. The metal can both be treated to prevent this oxidization from occurring and to actually speed it up. Hopefully, you now have a much better idea of what sort of copper sheeting will be best suited to your application. Remember that there are a range of factors you must take into account as a part of your order - including, but not limited to, the alloy, the temper, the gauge and the finish - and your copper sheeting buying process will be a smooth one.
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