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by:JPSK     2020-08-14

Hand Tools

Different types of hand tools are used by auto repair shops for completing car body repairs. The standard item employed by a vehicle mechanic is ratchet set. This is used for the sake of removing bolts from door hinges, fenders, bumpers as well as several other parts of the vehicle. Some mechanics also employ wrench sets for serving the same function as ratchet sets. Moreover a vehicle mechanic can use a crowbar or pry bar to remove large pieces of car body parts in order to replace them. Dolly sets as well as body hammers are also employed for the purpose of shaping broken panels back into its original place. The vehicle mechanic may use slide hammers for pulling dents out of your cars. Tin snips are often required to cut thin sheet metal for mending your car body panels.

Pneumatic Tools

These tools are powered by compressed air. Most of these tools are high-powered versions of hand tools and they help to make the work easier. Air-filled shears are used by car mechanics to cut sheet metals quickly. They leave a smoother edge that can be achieved with the help of tin snips. Many mechanics also make use of air hammers for pounding out body panels to flatten dents. These hammers are often outfitted with punch bits or chisel. Car mechanics use chisels for breaking rusted parts and use punch bits for removing bolts and old rivets that are difficult to be removed by hand. Impact wrenches as well as air ratchets are used for the sake of removing rusted bolts. In general impact wrenches offer more torque power compared to air ratchets. However air ratchets can be fitted in tighter places.

Power Tools

Car repairing shops make use of several electric power tools like variety of power sanders. These are used for the sake of smoothing out body filler. Moreover they are used for preparing the surfaces of your car body for applying new coats of paint. Dual action sanders, vertical sanders, orbital sanders, angle sanders, palm sanders as well as straight-line sanders are operated by car mechanic for finishing car body work. Power Riveters make use of high pressure for joining 2 pieces of metal together with a pin and a bolt. The car mechanics operate the power drills for making holes for rivets and dented panels in order that a dent can be removed. Furthermore they operate grinders for grinding rust from car body panels and removing rusted bolts. Plasma cutters help to cut rusted areas directly from your car body. Welders are also essential tools that are used for attaching car body panels or sealing holes after dents are removed.

These are the basic tools operated by most of the auto repair shops. Choose one of the best auto repair shopsthat uses advanced vehicle repair toolsand spruce up your vehicle in an exclusive style.

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