Hydraulic pumps are very simple and they have many uses

by:JPSK     2020-08-16

The oil must be free from air bubbles because if a piston is used when bubbles are present, a lot of the force is wasted compressing those bubbles rather than driving the second piston which is hardly an efficient way to go about things. Most pump failures are because of oil contamination of one kind or another. The oil reservoirs should be made from aluminium or stainless steel to avoid corrosion and reduce the chance of oil contamination.

The pipe containing the oil can be all sorts of lengths and shapes in a hydraulic pump which is very useful because they can be used in almost any system design. The pipes can also be forked so that the master piston drives multiple slaves.

You may not even know it but you probably own some sort of hydraulic pump. Cars use them for the braking system. When you depress the brake pedal it pushes two master cylinder pistons which each drive two slave pistons (there's one for each wheel). These then press the brake pads against the brake rotor to stop the car. The thought behind two cylinders each driving a pair of cylinders as opposed to one cylinder driving four is in case there is a problem with a master cylinder - in this case if you only have the one, you cannot stop the car because all of your brake pads will then be ineffectual.

Some hydraulic pumps are manual and some are powered by compressed air, electricity or petrol. Manual hydraulic pumps are great because they have portability because they don't need an additional power supply. They are perfect for occasional tasks but they don't have the power and speed of powered pumps. They also require physical effort to operate.

Pneumatic and electric pumps are both good when the required power source is to hand. They will acheive more in a quicker time than a manual hydraulic pump but the downside is the price and the fact that they have to be powered by air or electricity and so the supply must be readily available.

Petrol pumps are good for situations where a manual pump is not powerful enough and where the constraints of an electric or pneumatic pump don't allow for use in remote places.

Hydraulic pumps have many uses but if you find that you need to buy one yourself, make sure that you do your background research and get the most appropriate one for the job.

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