Hydraulic platform lifts serve a multitude of

by:JPSK     2020-08-18

Hydraulic platform lifts are a popular method of transporting people and goods to different heights internally and externally. Their size can vary from a one person wheelchair stair lift, to a dockyard platform lift moving very heavy cargo from shore to ship. These platform lifts are used in a huge range of businesses, and it is likely that you see one on many occasions without noticing. From building sites to street lighting, window cleaners to car garage services, hydraulic lifts provide a flexible and customised lifting solution to many workers looking to lift goods and or personnel.

Hydraulic platform lifts are used in many buildings and facilities as a way of providing disabled access where previously there was none. The Disability Discrimination Act determined that service providers are obliged to make permanent alterations to ensure equality of access for disabled customers and visitors. This has lead to many businesses and sites installing a hydraulic platform lift to give disabled users easier access to all levels of the premises.

One example of hydraulic platform lifts for disabled access include step lifts, to counter a shorter number of steps. The entrance steps to a building is an example of a situation where step lifts would be useful. Step lifts are available in end and side entrance forms, otherwise known as 'through' and 'adjacent' entry. They are available in a range of sizes and lift weights, and can be customised to a degree to best fit your needs.

Another example is a stairiser, where a platform lift is fitted to a staircase to allow wheelchair and other disabled users access who cannot climb stairs. Stairisers are available in both curved and straight run formats, are are able to cater for most types of staircase. They are especially useful in older buildings where it is not possible to fit a traditional vertical platform lift. Stairisers can also be customised to best fit the building, can operate both internally and externally, and fold away to maximise available space when not in use.

Hydraulic goods lifts such as dumb waiters and trolley lifts are popular in all kinds of industries, from restaurants to garages, warehouses to museums. Service lifts and goods lifts are ideal for moving smaller loads, often repeatedly, saving strain on employees and creating a safer working environment.

Vertical platform lifts can be installed inside or outside of a building. These lifts are used in many shopping centres, museums, libraries, and a plethora of other businesses, as well as in private residences and homes around the country. Many vertical platform lifts for disabled passengers can accommodate up to 6 people, or possibly more. The lifts are highly customisable to fit into their surroundings and stay in keeping with the rest of the building or business.

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