How to use each unit of the bus bar processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-04
What is the use and die change method of the punching unit of the CNC bus bar processing machine, the following editor will introduce to you.   1. Before punching, the moving parts of the machine must be oiled.   2. In the punching process, the material to be processed should be kept stable. See Figure 7-1   3. The punching device can directly bear a large force, but the mold will fail when subjected to eccentric load. (Prohibited: punching the oval hole with a round die to avoid personal injury and damage to the mold)    4. Note: Material defects can also cause damage to the mold.   5. When the machine body rises after punching, the processed material should be well balanced.   6.. When punching, choose a suitable mold.  7. It must be kept on the workbench for punching.   8. Check the upper and lower die size.  How to change the die:   1. Before changing the die, take out the punching unit mold needle.  2. Take out the upper mold assembly, locate the required upper mold in the correct position.   3. Take out the lower mold and replace it with a lower mold that matches the upper mold.  4. Be sure to use the 'button switch' or 'foot switch   The above is what the editor shared for you today. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.  
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