How to replace the spring of the bus processing machine

by:JPSK     2021-06-03
The working stroke of each processing unit of the bus bar processing machine can be easily adjusted to reduce processing auxiliary time and improve production efficiency. The three working positions of the machine can work at the same time without affecting each other, which greatly improves work efficiency. The spring components of the busbar processing machine need to be replaced after a long time. The following editor will introduce how to replace the spring of the busbar processing machine. In the calculation process, the algorithm is often based on one or several assumptions, and these assumptions are often inconsistent with the actual situation, so the single-ended impedance method has a principle error that cannot be eliminated. But the single-ended method also has its significant advantages: simple principle, easy to use, low investment in equipment, and no need for additional communication equipment. The busbar processing machine brings certain difficulties to the selection and use of insulating materials. This is the reason why other characteristics of insulating materials, such as thermal stress, mechanical characteristics, partial discharge and other indicators, are temporarily not considered internationally. According to the use environment characteristics and protection requirements, dry-type transformers can choose different shells. IP20 protective enclosures are usually used to prevent solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 12mm and small animals such as rats, snakes, cats, and birds from entering, and the busbar processing can cause malignant faults such as short-circuit power failures, and provide a barrier for live parts. In a three-phase transformer, each core column is wound with a primary winding and a secondary winding, which is equivalent to a single-phase transformer. The beginning of the high-voltage winding of the three-phase transformer is usually A, B, C, and the end is represented by X, Y, Z. Low-voltage windings are represented by a, b, c and x, y, and z. The high and low voltage windings are respectively connected in a star or delta row. In three-phase transformers where the low-voltage winding output is low-voltage and high-current (such as electroplating transformers), the wire area of u200bu200bthe low-voltage winding is reduced, and the low-voltage winding also adopts a six-phase star or six-phase star connection. Springs and other elastic parts are easy to be damaged during use, and usually break and deform. The method adopted by the bus processing machine is to replace it. During the replacement process, you must pay attention to the specification and model of the spring. The specification and model of the spring are confirmed by the color, outer diameter and length of the three items. Only when the three items are the same replace. During the use of the mold of the CNC bus bar processing machine, the punch is prone to breakage, bend and gnawed, and the punch sleeve is generally gnawed. Damaged punches and sleeves are generally replaced with parts of the same specification.
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