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Guests from Pakistan


Customer from Pakistan

In mid-October, our company welcomed two special guests, Mr. Jawed and Mr. Junaid. They are our cooperative customers from Pakistan.

China and Pakistan have always been in a very friendly relationship. Mr. Jawed and Mr. Junaid chose to cooperate with our company represents that the Pakistani people believe in the Chinese enterprise, Chinese people.

Mr. Jawed and Mr. Junaid's visit is full of interest in our hot-selling machine, CNC 3 in 1 busbar processing machine, which has three functions in one machine. It has three processing stations for cutting, punching and bending, and has double working tables to ensure that the three stations are running at the same time without conflict. The CNC model ensures the precision of machining and reduces the manual time for human operation, which greatly increases production efficiency.

This cooperation has laid the foundation for the future cooperation between the two countries and the two companies. For the friendship between China and Pakistan, we will continue to move forward.

Click here to watch the video of our guests from Pakistan

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