Functional advantages of busbar machines

by:JPSK     2021-05-28
In the market, the appearance of the busbar machine has saved many people a lot of labor. People can use the machine to process aluminum and copper into the state they want, saving time and effort. It not only has this functional advantage. . 1. The three processing units of punching, shearing and folding of the busbar machine are controlled by three pumping stations, which can complete the operation and processing of the three processing units together. The workbench adopts a dual workbench layout, and the work together does not affect each other.   二The bending unit of the busbar machine adopts closed layout and horizontal processing. After convenient replacement of the mold, flat bending, vertical bending, flattening, embossing, etc. can be completed.   Three, the punching unit of the busbar machine adopts a vertical layout , It is convenient to replace molds and improve work efficiency. Various molds can be customized according to user needs. The mold materials are made of high-quality steel brand 12 manganese steel, with high punching accuracy and no burrs on the lubricating surface of the inner circle.    Fourth, the punching of the busbar machine The three processing units of, shearing, and folding are controlled by a pump station, which can complete the sequence of the three processing units for operation and processing.   5. Scrap. These advantages above are the functional advantages of the bus machine. If we want to buy a bus machine, see if it meets the above advantages.
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