From the ages people were doing physical work

by:JPSK     2020-05-14
Drilling machines are used for producing hole on any surface by using a rotating cutter called Drill. It is the simplest and accurate machine used in production shop. In ancient time for making a simple hole it required more than two people, one for holding the drilling apparatus and another to hit from the top. But nowadays, you just press a button and within a fraction of second you will get the output in the perfection and efficient manner. The work piece is held stationary i.e. clamped in position and the drill rotates to make a hole. Based on construction the Drilling Machines are categorized to various types such as Portable, Sensitive, Radial, Up-Right, Gang, Multi spindle etc. where as based on feed it is categorized as Hand and Power driven. In sensitive drilling machines, drill holes up to 1.5mm to 15mm where as up-right machine drills up to 50mm. The radial drilling machine is the largest and most versatile machine used for medium to large and heavy work pieces. Now Homag-India offers various CNC controlled drilling machines such as profi line BHT 500, etc. On the basis of the profi line BHT 500 Homag-India presenting you a new flexible drilling and routing concept from Weeke Bohrsysteme which unites the advantages of CNC-controlled stationary technology and of high -performance through feed-drilling machines in practice. This line of products represents a solution for: * Batches in the medium and bottom range guaranteeing high output * Realization of complex processing in cross-feed For more information on Drilling machines you can visit our website.
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